Tour: Maastricht’s Spirit

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Cultural differences can only be bridged once you get to know each other and yourself. Knowledge of your own cultural values and those of Maastricht’s is paramount for a smooth stay as an expat. By getting to know Maastricht’s Spirit, locally known as Mestreechter Geis, you can make better sense of your new hometown and its inhabitants.

Central themes of the tour

The tour takes you along key sites linked to Maastricht’s identity and cultural values. It will use academic insights to answer four main questions:

  1. What are Maastricht’s cultural values and how do they differ from the cultural values of the Dutch?
  2. How does carnival relate to this?
  3. Why do Maastrichtians distinguish themselves from the Dutch?
  4. Which strategy can you use to integrate in Maastricht?

Setup of the tour

While on a strawl through Maastricht’s city centre you’ll pass monuments and statues. You’ll only know the true meaning of those objects, if you have knowlegde of the local cultural values. However, like Maastricht’s Spirit those values are invisible. The fact that D’Artagnan was killed in an attack on Maastricht in 1673 says nothing about why Maastrichtians have erected three statues for this French enemy. And why they haven’t for Frederick Hendrik of Orange, who conquered Maastricht for the Dutch Republic in 1632 or any other Dutch national hero for that matter? This tour will give you the inside view on Maastricht’s culture by connecting statues and monuments with the city’s values and identity. During the tour you will also have the chance to meet the other participants, if you are willing.

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